Happy resumption every one. May this year turn out great for all our school in Jesus Name.

If you’ve been on this platform for a while, you would have heard me explain that for many, every academic session us like a pipe with 3 openings. Each opening being each of the three terms. Every session is simply like a long pipe with 3 openings, when you go in, your only convenient exit is  when the session is over.  Two narrow openings (1st and 2nd term break) and one very wide opening which is the long vacation. Of course, one thing on our minds as school owners is that period when we either travel out or escape somewhere to get real rest after almost a year of work. 

Now, I’m charging you this morning as school resumes to break out of that pipe often. It’s natural to allow the school revolve round you and it becomes a burden. Having a school can be synonymous with being in bondage if you’re afraid of stepping out of that environment for fear of things going wrong.

Business bondage is the feeling that owners of a business experience when they feel trapped or imprisoned by their company. … For the most part, it is small  business  owners (in his case, growing schools) and entrepreneurs working on new businesses (schools) that experience this feeling of  business bondage. You may be making money but at the expense of your freedom. 

This year, break out of the pipe!

I know many school owners who drive their school bus themselves, then conduct a sterling assembly session, meet with teachers and charge them for the day,  attend to parents who would only be ok when attended to by proprietress, then teach a good chunk of periods of the day, and then drive the children back home. If you tell such to attend trainings, they tell you they can’t leave school. I’m sorry, but if you continue such a routine, you only working for the school, working for others.

There are 2 forms of learning in business. Learning to survive – which of course is what many of us have been taught, unfortunately by the business itself. The other  form is: Learning How to thrive – which is what I teach. Again, you may not notice, but the later even costs cheaper than the other. When your school teaches you to survive, you learn the hard way. If you take time out to learn you to thrive, you only spend some extra time  and maybe some money to acquire that. If you don’t step out to learn how to thrive, running your school may be the same reason the school is not growing, because you’re not even chanced to see anything new. 

Oh! how I wish school owners see other people’s schools. They’d have had good reasons to change many things they think are still ok. But really, here in our land, having a school is the reason many people have stopped learning from other people. Please don’t be offended.

When you pay little or no attention to research and personal development, you’d always arrive at a future where others have left, because you spent too much time struggling through. Happy resumption, Remember, break out of the pipe often, to get refreshed with ideas. You need it. See you in school.

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