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David Adeniji is the Convener of the School Owners Forum, a learning community of over 5,000 school owners admins amd stakeholders. He is the CEO, Thinkage Consulting, the company behind the forum. David is an alumni of the Great Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a School Owner, a Master School Strategist and Business Coach. He has proved to be a master in Education Business Strategy. In 2010, he started hosting education business trainings and summits in Nigeria, for school owners, teaching them innovative school business strategies.

David is the convener of VANTAGE 2 – SOF Annual Education Innovation Summit which holds at Muson Centre Lagos.

David has a strong passion for breaking new grounds in this field and equipping other school owners to advance their passion for raising future leaders in a most fulfilling way, so they can excel with maximum returns on their investments in the education sector. David has authored and taught hundreds of FREE but invaluable articles and lectures for the School Owners Forum and the Education Industry at large.

David Adeniji is the founder of SOF Academy – Nigeria’s only business school for school owners and education business stakeholders. His big passion is to see schools run effortlessly. Hence, In the last few years, he has given over 10,000 hours of free training online and trained thousands school owners, admins and teachers physically, solving issues and creating a repository of innovative ideas for the industry.

In addition to being an Education Content developer, School Strategist and Business Coach, David harnesses all his skills and deploys them through powerful utilization of ICT, Social Media and Networking. He’s a prolific Web Programmer and Software Developer with applications such as THINKALLY School Management Software used by close to 1 million students spread accross 150 schools. He is also the founder of one of Nigeria’s finest bulksms platforms.

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