If you have to wait for employees to tell you everything you need to know or do to discharge their duties better or for customers to tell you everything and every detail of what better services they want from you, then you may have to wait for long.

Good business leaders figure out the needs and expectations of their team members and initiate responses even before they voice them out. Chances are you may never hear your employees grumble directly, but you can see it in their countenance and choose to address it simply by talking about it with them.

The truth is: when you listen and address issues your employees or customers would rather not talk about for fear of offending you or being tagged as a rebel, you connect on an emotional level with them and their respect and loyalty for you grows. 
Remember the saying: No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care,

Do the Needful!

Sometimes , your favourite staff does not seem to be the ‘most valuable’ asset to the organization. He or she may not possess much of the skills that rake in money for you, but rather exhibits the attitudes that gives stability to the business. It’s OK. 

Both the favorite and the money maker should be taken care of. You need them both. Please, do the needful. If you have to strike separate agreements to hold down your productive employees or raving-fan customers this new year, please do the needful. You may give targets as conditions attached.

Remember you own the system, you built the process. Don’t be limited by it. Use it to your advantage. Let your instincts guide you, not only the books, or the advisers.  Increase salaries selectively, if you have to, let-go of some people if you have to – employees or customers alike. Some people are better not in your boat. Plan their exit. Do the needful!

Now, doing he needful does not mean doing anything illegal or against morality or conscience, but it could  mean making sure your good conscience is not played upon and taken for granted all in the name of being compassionate. I once told you that if you allow debtor-parents push you out of business, then you’ve committed sin, because that school takes care of several families, not yours alone. That’s wickedness in itself.

What I’m saying this morning may sound harsh, selfish or funny, but please pick something. I know you may have built an administrative structure or governance  hierarchy, but it’s still your school, and whatever laws running it is your creation, change the laws if need be, but don’t be held to ransom under such laws.

No matter how big a business is, the owner knows himself. Every bank has an owner. There may be shareholders, but the biggest shareholder is the owner. Recently MTN resolved their big – money and tax issue with CBN. I’m sure the owner had to do the needful to save his business.

So do the needful!*Have a nice day

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