Today and maybe in a couple of days coming, I will be speaking specifically to the school owners. I will also mention some of the things we discussed during Wednesday’s School Transformation Training where we talked about Transforming your school with SOF’s 4 Legged School.. On Wednesday, we looked extensively at the very first leg of the 4 – legged school growth model – this has to do with the school owner’s mindset herself.  SOF had developed a complete body of School Business knowledge that perhaps didn’t exists before now.


If anyone cares to ask me how I got to know what I teach considering the fact that I’m younger than the people i teach, I simply acknowledge the  unconscious exposure and relationship I’ve had with thousands of schools and their owners over the years. Now the results are showing in the testimonies of transformation we receive all over the platform. There’s even always a testimony session during Wednesdays training at Surulere.


Among other discoveries, before now, I used to think that the children we teach are the only leaders of tomorrow we’re working to raise, but after training more than 3,000 teachers in the last 13 months, now I see another set of people who need to be raised as leaders of a sooner tomorrow, before the children’s tomorrow arrive. The private school job market has been greeted with a new crop of individuals – teachers – who though promising, energeretic and profess to have been schooled, but yet are yet to find a harbour point for their aspirations. The good news could be that there were more jobs from us. But the sad one is that many of these people don’t yet grasp the honourable essence of our vocation

I see that if we’re to enjoy the freedom and prosperity we (and they too) deserve, we have to disciple this set of people into the school of education. A school where moulding destinies matter more than making money. The business of education is not the highest paying business available. It comes with many risks and liabilities and has slow returns on investment. But it’s the most fulfilling endeavour on earth. Whether you’re teaching children, or teaching their teachers and school owners like I do on daily basis, teaching is the most mentally fulfilling venture yet available to man. It is not for people who want all their rewards on earth.

BIG QUESTION: Do these new crop of young teachers see it that way.?

REAL SUCCESS: begins with making them see it. Then it will be said that you’re engineering a hopeful tomorrow.

ACTION POINT: Maybe you should turn your attention a but to training yourself to be a more effective moulder of destinies and shaper of futures. This in turn will get you a reward of acute commitment and loyalty from the people you pour yourself into. If some of them are your staff, then your business becomes an environment to be and you can be assured of soaring business gains.

HOWEVER: Even if you don’t reap where you sow, you will obviously reap what you sow. Maybe not from those you pour into, but ultimately from others.

*TEACHERS ARE ALSO LEADERS OF A SOONER TOMORROW. If we don’t disciple them into the _*cult*_ of education, then it will it be difficult to speed up our own returns on Investment or even pay the teachers as well as they pould pray for. But more worrisome is that the REAL returns on Investment – which are the CHILDREN becoming fully baked leaders of tomorrow – may not be fully achieved. Yes I will teachers’ you strategies to help you maximize  your investment and get results where others are struggling, yet I will not take away the singular

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