The Nigerian Schools Innovation Group (NSIG) is Nigeria’s Only Innovation Group for school owners and admins. The group aims to force a complete innovation shift into Nigeria’s education sector by Researching into developmental ways of replacing the existing obsolete education implementation techniques with new innovative and unique methods in line with best standards and best practices all around the world.

What makes NSIG different from all other associations of it’s type is that it draws a ready-made membership from the School Owners Forum, a Group created to present a rare repository of ideas that will push to realize Nigeria’s Human Capital Potential through Education by raising a new breed of school owners equipped to excel in their chosen endeavor.

Secondly , NSIG aims in collaboration with the governmental education agencies to facilitate the formulation but much more implementation of innovative policies – from the perspectives of the implementers (school owners and admins) that will change Nigeria’s Education Narrative.

Lastly, NSIG aims to be a major body certifying Education Dispencers in order to entrench continuous innovation in Nigeria’s Education content.

NSIG holds a bi-annual PROGRAMME called the Nigerian Schools Innovation Summit (NSIS). Where all stakeholders are invited to chart innovative strategies for education in Nigeria.

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