Every now and then, I come across several school owners who for one reason or the other just want to do something entirely different with their lives other than just run the school. To many, it seems like a trap. They can’t just break the cycle. This is not to say that the school is not doing well. The school may be doing well, but the human spirit simply enjoys rejuvenation when something new is tried. To such I say, the solution is not to throw in the towel. What if we could simply manage the affairs of your school without without your day to day involvement, but you still have control over your infrastructure and finances. We do the strategy, implementation and execution while you’re free to do the other things you love.

This product is perfect for THE INVESTORS. Who probably have other businesses to attend to and are wary of handling their schools over to hands they don’t trust.

I’ve heard of school owners who would love to travel abroad for more education . But the fear of who handles the school simply keeps them trapped.

For the SOF MMS, we have the following arrangements

  1. Management Bridge. We still retain your staff and trusted hands. Your admin only reports to us.
  2. Management Task– We simply install our own trained AdMins to with the team on ground or depending on the freedom you allow, we can recommend the best framework for maximum returns
  3. School Lease – We operate with your infrastructure and pay rent
  4. School Sale – Complete Sale of the School and its Equipment.
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