Over the years as we go around schools consulting, we identify a major issue in the way our children are attired. The professional nature of that aspect makes it somehow inevitable that we approach it so. School Uniforms , whether you like it or not, is a marketing tool. If your wears stand out – not neccesarily super colourful, but distinct and unique – your school will stand out. SOF Wears is a start to finish approach to clothing your school. Beginning from conceiving the idea, to supply of these wears, we’re there all the way. Of course you already have wears, but some things can always be adjusted and re-aligned here and there to make you look new. In one of out lectures, I pointed out the following:

Nature abhors stagnancy and change must be continuous. Matter of fact, value also answers to change, when there’s a constant change in the way you look, there’s also a constant expectation for a change in the value placed on you. When nothing changes visibly about you from the outside, no matter what you do on the inside, there is simply a reluctance towards any demand you make for more premium.

So your uniforms and wears, socks, sports wears, cardigans, etc have a big role to play in determining your value. Let’s design your wears and supply them, the difference will be clear. Please call for samples.

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