Big-Heartedness VS Objectivity

But why should everyone get their way through you. Because you’re the business owner, and have the biggest interest. Or because you stand to lose the most if the business fails or performs below expectation and so you must bear everyone’s misgivings?. Bad reason. Or maybe it’s because your parents have too many choices and so they have to be pampered? Or is it because your staff could pull off at anytime, especially at the term’s beginning when the transfer window is very active?

Or in your own case you’re always over-bearing with your bus drivers and mechanics  because your business vehicles are very crucial and no business vehicles could mean no business? That’s not enough reason to continue taking unwholesome attitudes from your driver’s and your mechanics, or from any other support staff for that matter.

I’m not teaching you to be happy than your nature , but you must balance big-heartedness with the right amount of objectivity.

I won’t tell you to fight government or it’s officials, but where it becomes obvious that you’re being exploited or over-burdened, all because you’re a private entity, and seen as a ‘money pot’, then you may need to take a stand intellectually, at the least, maybe getting involved more with your business associations to push for a better relationship and regard for your efforts as a job provider in the marketplace.

Good morning everyone. Sorry, I skipped that in the beginning. I just needed to sustain my thoughts before they fly away. Please permit me to tell you this. Each of these parties that provide one service or the other for you or contribute their money in exchange for your services, or receive their dues as a regulatory body,  each of them also have something to lose if your relationship with them is severed.

Each of these parties that provide either one service or the or contribute their money in exchange for your services, or receive their dues as a regulatory body,  each of them also have something to lose if your relationship is severed.


Oh! Maybe if you knew this, you’d rise up and demand (not beg for) better treatments from them:

1. Government may appear not to be concerned maybe because of the election and re-election party in town (they actually really are), but the jobs you create solve unemployment to a degree.

2. Staff may not see it, but in 2019, economists say we should brace up for the weather (God’s grace will keep us safe), so these are the best times to be an employee and perhaps not the best of times to be an employer. Holding a job, a sure source of income, for now is a good opportunity that should not be taken for granted. You should. Sometimes even you as a business owner fancy having such an opportunity. I’m glad for those who do!

3. Your support staff may not know it, but I’ve been on this road for quite a while and I can tell you that about 30% of them still have their jobs as a fruit of the benevolence of the business owner. For many, the sympathy is: if I lay them off, what will they eat?

Some measure of redundancy here and there, even on the part of the staff, sometimes you feel like slashing salaries, but you just won’t, because you’ve been there and you know just how precious having a paying job can be at each time.

4. And your customers, do you know they also have something to lose if they change ship? Oh yes, they do! The relationship you’ve built over the years, the large discount they now have from more than one child. More importantly (and trust me on this), the quality you deliver at half the price they’d get it elsewhere on a good day!

So quit being unnecessary soft.  Make your stakeholders – government, customers, staff, support staff, your relatives, etc, understand what they stand to lose if they take your softness for granted.

You won’t be hard with expressing your stand and I’m not turning you into a lion overnight, but you’d provoke some noble reasoning and earn more respect for it. And everyone then understands one another and pities one another better, knowing the sacrifices we’re making to ensure one another’s happiness.

Enjoy your day. Subscribers, thanks, well meet tonight for our first evening lecture of the year.

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