PROCESSES – Understanding The Core Operations In The Running Of A School

You see, peace of mind is peace of life. Running a school or any business at all, doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with working round the clock or feeling tied to everything. Business bondage is a disease common to several startups and growing businesses. Many school owners and managers have become so tired and weak, not because their work is hectic, but because the school cannot run without their day-to-day involvement. And they made it so, unconsciously.

You may have put many things in place and invested wisely, but something we all fail to do is to write processes (documents) that will direct the behaviour of every other stakeholder as to how they should relate with us and our businesses.

If given the opportunity, the staffs can behave in several different ways that are not necessarily bad, but are just not fit for your own vision. And when you aim to build a large organization, you cannot rely on verbal communications to determine the action of everyone.

Why not write processes that individuals who associate with you will have as templates for their engagement with you.

This class will take you through the thinking, planning and practical preparation of core operational processes in the running of your school. In other words, you will become a professional school owner. It involves thinking, writing and careful study, But we will learn all.

You cannot delegate this responsibility. You have to write tour processes yourself, and now is the best time, when you have all the time.

Join me as we Learn how to build processes that’ll liberate you and make your school run without your personal day-to-day verbal communications and involvement.

Start Date: Thur 27th Aug., 2020
Duration: 1 Month
Time: 10am – 11am weekdays
Venue: YouTube (Private)
COST: Call or Chat 08069462143

DAVID ADENIJI, Convener, School Owners Forum – RC 1538789

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