THRIVE – How To Thrive At Your School Business In The New Era

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THRIVE – How To Thrive At Your School Business In The New Era

This book will help you break into the new school era at an edge and advantage over your competitors. You will learn the following.

1. How to handle parents’ new expectations, realities and behaviours

2. How to handle new expectations and realities from teachers.

3. How to handle expectations regarding health and safety in light of the present realities .

4. How to adjust your finance models, school fees billings and business models in the new school era.

5. How to evolve your school with new education technologies to stay innovative in the new school era.

6. 16 key lessons and strategies you need to thrive in the business of education.

Now it’s time to start working  ON the school and not just IN the school.

This book guides on a journey into the new school business era. It discusses new strategies to get you equipped and also prepare your team. School business has changed from what it used to be. Please don’t wait for resumption to find that out. It may be too late.

Remember that the primary interest of your parents is not your school, its their pocket. they will still consider their pockets first before your own well-being. Hence, you need to learn to grow your school business and thrive against all odds. This book will teach you how.

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