Of course, we’re saying that anyone who cannot lead self should not bother trying to lead other people. Anyone who cannot teach self should not have any business being a teacher. If you cannot change your own attitudes in some areas necessary, you don’t have the moral justification to try and change a child. Because what we do when we teach the learners is that we try to instil disciplines. Were trying to inculcate some attitudes in them. Your job as a teacher will be hard if you do not learn self-leadership.

So effective self-leadership in essence is saying that as a teacher, you should teach yourself first, because then will you have the moral justification and inner conviction to impart knowledge or attitude or whatever it is you’re trying to teach the children.

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๐Ÿ‘‰For more effect, let’s train our teachers this Midterm on The Indispensable Teacher. When you train them, you’re not doing them a favour, you’re doing yourself a favour

Right now, you have in your hands a task and an assignment that you shouldn’t take trivial. You have been given an assignment that is deeper than just working for money. You’re dealing with lives. I always say that children deserve 100% of what they are in school for, but many times, what we as teachers are giving the children is not enough. The children may deserve more than what you’re currently giving them. You may tender beautiful reasons for that deficiency, such as the economy or scarce resources or inadequate cooperation on the part of their parents or insufficient motivation from your employers..

As beautiful as these may sound, they dont change the fact that the children deserve to have an enviable future. And your commitment to this necessity is a function of your understanding and acceptance of the huge responsibility in your hands. If you think you’re only working for money, there’s no way you can fully carry out this responsibility.

You will be making the mistake of seeing your performance as a function of how much money you are being paid forgetting the fact that the children must have an enviable future, come what may. Perhaps for many of us, if the teachers who taught us had a clearer understanding of this, we would have turned out as better individuals and influence our society better than we are doing now.

Finally today

What the children deserve is what they need for an enviable future and nothing should deprive them of it. Not even the fact that their teachers pay is not encouraging. That’s if the teacher understands that teaching is a calling and not just a profession. If you’re giving them what they need to achieve that enviable future, that’s lovely. But if you’re not, you need to change your thinking.

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This class is for your teachers. Pass it to them.

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