SOF recently advertised for online teachers. The qualification was not CV. Applicants were to turn in a 3-minute video of themselves teaching their subject of choice, uploaded to YouTube or vimeo, with description containing their names and previous place of work

Guess what, we got a disappointing number of entries in a whole month. Some teachers complained of not having as much as a YouTube channel.

A similar ad we ran a few months ago before the pandemic, netted in 6,000 CVS in one month. But this time, we got very few entries

HEADS UP! Only Teachers (and schools) who can create their contents digitally are relevant during this period when schools are shut. The competence metrics of educators and education service providers have changed. It’s no more CVs and School Buildings, it’s content creativity and digital penetration!

In times like this, we need to be honest with ourselves and re-appraise our lives and in fact everything about us in relation to emerging trends and in preparation for the evident shift currently sweeping through the world and affecting every form of endeavour including business.

The future is created by just a few people who look deep enough to see the obvious but unseen, and take advantage of current difficulties and crisis to create solutions that later determine the direction the whole rest of us will be forced to toll in our search for solutions and answers to problems created or exposed by emerging challenges. In the unveiling new world that results, it then appears as if such solutions existed before the problems.

Actually solutions exist before problems, but they exist only as electrons and molecules in the brain cells of those few who dare to navigate into the abyss of ‘nothingness‘ in search for that ‘something-ness‘ that’ll preserve the existence of the human race and rescue them when their eyes pop open to the realities that had stayed with them all along.

It’s therefore a clarion call to educators. Let’s not make it business as usual. Begin to think of the next innovation that will not only profit your business, but will bless the world.

When schools reopen. Your innovation whether as a teacher of school owner will determine your survival!

A word is enough for the wise. CREATE YOUR FUTURE!

NB: This Vacancy still exists, if you wish to apply, visit: http://thinkally.net/online-teachers

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