I once met a school owner in Lagos. Very big school like that. Schools in his area are blessed with mighty structures.??. His problem was that every term, all his teachers leave him, and he recruits new teachers. He had over 1,000 students, the school dropped to 200. He almost lost his mind… then, I wrote him this strategy, he couldn’t believe it! The rest they say is history. This strategy I built years ago has liberated over over 100 school owners.
Hey! Hear this please! It’s not what you have seen or heard anywhere online. Even, I’ve never taught it on this platform. But many of you who know me, know very well that
my strategies are a product of thorough research and it’s the reason, many other coaches are even now adopting them?. Hence the reason why many like to call me Master School Business strategist?.
Come 30th of October 2021, 11am, I will be revealing this secret to 30 school owners…that’s the sitting capacity of my training suite…and 12 slots have been filled already… You see…what you don’t know, you don’t know, and what you wont learn, you can never know….
People say my trainings are expensive. I love that, because I give soo much for free, too much, I tell you! But every coach has secrets he only releases once in a while. For those of you who have attended my masterclass sessions, you know that the minimum we charge is a 100k….
But hear this….. I will not charge 100K for this, not even half of it….or a quarter of that amount…..
Okay what if i told you I will be sharing this secret that is worth over N150k all for Free!….. without collecting a dime! Yes all for free!
So How do you enroll for this Physical Training (NB: You Can Join Online)
very simple…
+ All you need do is Pre-Order My New Book – ‘UNLOCK’ @ N19,500 only !. None of you love students to attend your class without textbooks. It’s the same with me. ?
BONUS 1: You get an additional Book For FREE – ‘The Indispensable Teacher’.
BONUS 2: In addition, you will be opportune to have a one on one free consultation session with me
To Register: Call/Chat 08069462143, Or DM
VENUE: Olatunji House, Opposite Domino Pizza, Idi-Iroko Bus Stop, Maryland
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